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“Become Fit and Lean Fast and Easy with These 10 Techniques”

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“Become Fit and Lean Fast and Easy with These 10 Techniques”

Who doesn’t want to look their best? We know it helps the betterment of health and upgrades our self-steam. It is different to want to lose the extra fat from your body to be lean and fitter. This difference lies in the muscle fat ratio in our body. Muscles take up less space; they are more compact and tightly designed. There is a layer of connective tissue that is over these cells, which helps them to hold firm.

The weight/ volume proportion is higher to compare to fat cells. Fat expands itself in a larger area. These cells have no rigid walls to hold them as tight as the muscles. Therefore, they create that sloppy looking layer beneath the skin. Although not all the fat in our body is bad; Our internal organs are covered with a layer of fat that keeps these vital parts safe.

Once the muscles are more in use, they grow stronger and bigger. Muscles use higher calorie rates to function; This is true while they are engaged in doing small tasks. Exercise is a helpful method that helps you burn the fat cells that are stored closed to the structural muscles and use them as fuel. That is why losing weight is not equal to becoming more fit. You can look a lot leaner and more fit while having the same weight as before. Both could be combined if there were excess weight and obesity involved.

Unfortunately, excess weight is a common problem because of tight frames on our emotions that make us end up eating our emotions. I could be also a lack of time to get adequate exercise for the basic health requirement and in proportion with the calorie intake. With having the right approach, you can change it and reach out to your body goals; either for health or beauty purposes. Here are 10 ways to gain lean muscles and come leaner;

1. Start regular strength training and be loyal to it.

Cardio is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to getting leaner muscles and losing fat; It boosts our metabolism and helps to increase lung capacity and maintains heart and cardiovascular system health.

However, heavyweight lifting is helpful too. It strengthens the muscles and tones them as well. It carves and shapes the muscles.

Make it a routine; no matter how frequently you can contribute to your weekly routine. This is vital to your process, and you must keep your promise to yourself.

2. Eat lightly

Eat when you are really hungry. Statistics show that snacking is one of the common ways people gain weight. It is unhealthy and exhausting for your digestive system.

Before you are completely a full stop eating. This helps to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy digestive organ by avoiding to over pressurize it by excess food.

Avoid junk food of any kind as much as possible. They burden your liver and an unbalanced liver creates a slower metabolic rate if there is excess fat involved.

3. Measure your progress

This can help you to keep up the process and acknowledge the changes that your naked eye can’t detect. You can keep a diary and measure your size on a weekly basis. Your waist, around the arm and neck, your stomach and tights are the places fat accumulates. Write the numbers and follow your weekly process. This can encourage you to go ahead.

4. Add in the protein and don’t remove the carbs!

Having adequate protein available to your body can help your muscles build faster. Depending on your diet basis (non-vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan) educate yourself where you can find the best sources of protein.

Animal sources are; lean meat, chicken breast, fit, egg whites, low-fat cheese.

Plant-based sources are; seeds and nuts, lentils and legumes.

There are many good carbs available to us and cutting them completely from a diet means cutting the nutritious they can offer to us. They include; Fruits and vegetables, whole grain wheat and rice, etc.

5. Watch the fat and not the weight

It is important you track your process with the measurement of the fat. The weight scales can trick you and make you disappointed; you may have increased mass muscle and lost fat instead. This means your weight has not changed but your body fat has been reduced.

6. Count calories on an OFF/ON system

Use a calorie calculator and find out how many calories you need in a day. Use calorie deficit at least a hundred calories on the days that you are not exercising. Use the right calorie portion on your workout day. This way you don’t starve yourself and hamper the process of muscle building.

7. Add in the bulk to your meals

Add bulk in your food with having large portions of fruits and vegetables in your meals or as mid-day snacks. It keeps you fuller for a longer time and adds a lot of essential vitamins to your diet.

8. Drink water

Drink lots of water in the day; You could also use a water calculator to understand the minimum amount of water you require in a day. It detoxes your body, increases metabolism, and helps to shrink the fat cells.

9. Consistency matters

Consistency is the key. You need to be a persistent change in your lifestyle and your exercise routine. Getting leaner does not happen over time and requires time and regularity.

10. Having fun and resting is essential

It might seem as much as you exercise your process improves. It is true to some point. If you over-exercise your body becomes stagnant from fatigue and deficiency. It is important to rest equally doing your workout.

Have fun on your journey and do not take it as a job. It is fun to be healthy, fit and appreciate life. This is essential to keep your enthusiasm and move ahead towards your goal steadily.


A change in lifestyle, choice of food, and most importantly encouraging yourself through the process. It takes time to change the muscle memory and habits of your body; Give yourself this time, be patient, and acknowledge the little milestone you achieve.

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