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Best Muscle Building Back Exercises

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10 Best Muscle Building Back Exercises

Physical exercises are essential in maintaining body physique and health. Most people do exercises to be in shape, reduce calories and building muscles. Bodybuilding is an art when it’s done in the right manner. Just like any other art form muscle building has its principles. That’s why there are always trainers whenever you hit the gym to guide you on what type of exercise is required regarding what you are willing to gain from it.

Importance of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding and muscle building have very great importance including

1. Improving body physique

Muscle building improves the shape and physical state of the body by creating flexibility in organs like hands, legs, etc.

2. Cutting down fats and cholesterol

Bodybuilding exercises tend to burn out fats by increasing metabolism. Also, they make the body generate heat in which burns out the skin cholesterol and in turn excreted in the form of sweat or body waste.

3. Maintain the heart

As I said earlier bodybuilding exercises usually eliminate fats by heating. And this goes the same in the heart in which it burns out fats on the artery walls. And not only that, it increases the heart rate thus increasing blood pumping in and out of it.

4. Build confidence.

A person who has a good body physic is usually confident around people when compared to an obese person. Obese people tend to be insecure when it comes to their bodies.

5. Improved brain efficiency

Bodybuilding exercise boosts brain efficiency and puts it in a healthy spot.

6. Improves Sleeping

When you do a thorough exercise you tire the body hence it eventually leads into a deep sleep. This is because you exhaust the body all the body resources that are used during bodybuilding exercises.


There are so many types of bodybuilding exercises depending on the part of the body you want to build.  Some include

  1. Lifting dead weights
  2. Using compression machines in legs, hands and chest building
  3. Use sit up benches to build abs
  4. Use dead weights in squats

Now today we are going to specifically talk about back muscle building. 10 types of exercises can be used in the back muscle building. These include

1. Squat weight lifting.

Squats help in the building of back muscles through the continuous contraction of back, biceps, triceps and even the muscles on the legs

2. Pull-ups

Pull-ups involve a person lifting his whole body from top to down by pulling himself in a bar using hands while hanging. The good thing about pull-ups is that you do not need to go to the gym to do it. Thus the pull-up movements lead to a contraction of biceps since they contract every time a person pulls up. It also helps in the increase of pulling strength of the body especially in activities like climbing walls where you need to lift your whole body by your hands

3. Chest supported row

It involves a person inkling himself in a chest supported row machine while his knees are bent. The exercise is essential in building the upper back muscles and creates very good back isolation.

4. Single-arm dumbbell

It involves lifting a heavy dumbbell by bending the arms. The body is positioned differently depending on the type of dumbbell lifting you are doing. It increases the upper back strength, arm, and grip strength and unilateral strength.

5. Bent over row

It involves lifting heavy weights with your body positioned in a bent position. It’s usually done with a huge and heavy dumbbell. Just like single-arm dumbbell the bent-over row improves the pulling strength and back thickness. But not only that, but it also creates high muscle loading and volume.

6. Lat pulldown

The exercise involves an individual sitting on a pulldown machine and pulling a bar that eventually pulls adjusted weights by the use of hands. The bodybuilding exercise is helpful in the building of latissimus dorsi muscle located at the backbone. It also improves the pulling strength and shoulder muscles.

7. Lifting loaded carries

Loaded carries involve lifting different types of weights with your hands. This includes different body movements in which improve different body muscles including the back muscles. Through a rhythmic movement of biceps and triceps, they also help in the building of arms thus increasing hand power and grip strength.

8. Inverted row

This involves a bar and bench. A person positions himself as if he sitting with his feet flat and placed on a bench. At the same time, a person supports his body by holding himself on a barrack for support. The exercise builds the leg muscles and the upper back muscles through the rhythmic movement. It also creases leg strength and shoulder muscles.

9. Farming

The work involves mainly plowing farms using a hoe. Since the work is intensive and hard depending on the size and type of soil on the farmland.  Posture building and back separation are the fruits of farming activities.

10. Pushups

Although most people do pushups for chest and arm muscle building, the exercise is also essential in the back muscle loading. The exercise involves placing your whole body in a lateral position while the head facing the ground and lifting yourself vertically in a continuous manner using your hands without bending any part of your body during the movement.


During the back muscle building, make sure you use a trainer or have a little bit of knowledge in the anatomy of the back

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