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Cross Fit workouts At Home

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Cross Fit workouts At Home


Cross Fit is a form of training or exercise to keep the body in a suitable quality or good health. Most people engage in Cross Fit exercises to be of good shape and size by losing weight. CrossFit Workouts helps to relax the muscles especially people that have joint pains. It is good to seek a healthy lifestyle.

Because you can’t get to the gym does not mean that you must miss your workout. Consistency is the key to achieving better results. Cross Fit Workouts came into play even without equipment.

Some Things to Consider before a Cross Fit Workout

Taking enough fluids: Taking in water before a Workout session is very essential to the body. It should take place especially before, during, and after exercise. Water helps regulate body temperature. If one is not well hydrated, the body cannot perform well as required.

Breakout sessions: Breaking out during workout sessions is very essential. This is because too much exercise can cause extreme tiredness or even illness. It can also cause poor performance in the preceding workout sessions.

Eating a well-balanced meal: Eating enough protein helps build and repair tissues. Building and repairing tissues is one of the main essences of a Workout.

Below are Some Types of Cross Fit Workouts At Home

Push-ups: A push-up is a type of exercise consisting of several simple movements. It is otherwise called Press-up. Push-ups are good for most individuals that want to have a flat tummy. In this type of Workout, one has to prevent the pelvis from touching the floor. It also builds strength.

There is a type of push-up called the Hand push-up. While doing hand push-up, one has to use the toes, your elbow bent, as your head taps the floor.

Pull-ups: This is a strength exercise that is being done with the use of the upper body. It is considered one of the fastest ways of burning calories. This type of exercise is most common among wrestlers and young adults. It builds the muscles of the upper arms. Pull-ups could be a very difficult exercise for some people. A stable table at home can be used for a pull-up. By using the edge of the table, one can pull his/her chest up and down between intervals by straightening the legs.

Double under: A double under is a form of workout that is being carried out using a jump rope. As one jumps, the rope passes two times per jump. Double under makes one smart. It helps in blood flow and also improves breathing. It is a fun exercise which is also carried out by the younger ones. Most adults always find it difficult to do this type of workout. People that have overweight issues often find difficult because of the jumping aspect. One can start with 10 double under and later increase to 20, 30, 40, and so on as he/she deems fit.

Sit-ups: This is an abdominal exercise for the abdomen. It helps strengthen the abdominal muscles. Sit-ups help one maintain balance or god posture. Sit-ups are not recommended for pregnant women after the first trimester. It stresses the muscles of pregnant women.

Squatting: This is a form of workout session whereby one sits with his/her knees bent. The heels must touch the buttocks. Squats help in building the leg muscles. They are good for people who would love to stay fit during their lives. There is a type of squat called Air squats”. This should take place only with the use of one’s body weight. It is proper for one to warm up and stretch the body before and between squats, as it helps prevent injury. When doing an Air squat, one should be focused. Doing at least 15 Air squats within 10 minutes is not too bad or as many rounds as possible.

Another type of squat is the Jump Squat”. In this type of squat, the hips must be push back as the buttocks drop halfway towards the floor. Thereafter, one jumps with the feet apart and lands back on the heels. The knees must bend to ensure balance. One can do this type of Cross Fit workout for like 10 times for a start until you have mastered jump squat.

Running: It will be incomplete to talk about Cross Fit workouts without including running. Running is a locomotive exercise done using the foot. Most people that have a larger compound don’t encounter the stress of going outside to run. They do that in the comfort of their homes, as they can run around as many times as possible. It builds strength, and also helps burn calories thereby reducing weight.  Here is my #1 Training program that will help you get in the best shape of your life Click Here for more details.

Simple Cross Fit Workouts at Home to make you strong

10 Hand push-ups

10 jump-squats

20 press-ups

20 sit-ups as many times as possible for like 15 minutes.


A CrossFit workout is like a journey or a long road for some people. Some think it is a waste of time and energy. Most people give up along the way due to the stress involved or injury. Some don’t achieve their aim or purpose because they are not consistent. As I mentioned earlier, consistency is the key to achieving one’s goal. It is always important to keep a timer closer while working out. Try and record the number of times you perform a particular exercise to improve faster each day.

Learn to keep the rhythm in every Cross Fit Workout. Keep pushing and don’t give up to achieve results.

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