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5 Easy Ways To Lose Belly Fat

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5 Easy Ways To Lose Belly Fat

Obesity is a real problem in the world. According to the World health organization (W.H.O) obesity has tripled in number since 1975. And this is due to factors like birth of fast food joints that have unhealthy foods, reduction of manual work and exercising habits. It has reached a point that people would rather go and dine at KFC or McDonald instead of a restaurant cooking a balanced diet meal. Apart from ruining your body physique and attractiveness, obesity is the cause to many diseases and conditions like diabetes, heart attacks and etc. Luckily obesity is avoidable and the first step into doing so is to reduce belly fat. Thus the following are methods in which you can reduce your belly fat:

1. Do cardiovascular exercises daily

Cardiovascular exercises commonly known as ‘cardio’ include running, jump or skipping ropes and etc. These exercises usually generate heat in your body especially in the belly area hence burning the exercise fat stored around it.

2. Avoid drinking alcohol

The fat obtained from beer usually settles at the belly and that’s why alcoholics are characterized by big bellies. 100 grams of beer is estimated to contain 43 calories. Thus when in full amount it’s equivalent to a single meal. So it’s necessary to avoid drinking in order to cut off the belly fat.

3. Start practicing having a keto diet

A keto diet is a diet in which involves consuming only protein foods. It usually contains very low or no carbohydrates. Thus keto diets ensure the body doesn’t store excess fats by burning them out through a process called ketosis. Keto diets include foods like meat, eggs, fish, beans, yoghurt, coconut oil and etc. Thus if you are not a fan of exercises then this method is the easiest way of losing belly fat without working out.

4. Avoid stress and get plenty of rest

Stress can increase belly fat in two ways. First by affecting you’re eating habits. Stressful people sometimes tend to have a habit of overeating recklessly. Secondly stress leads to overproduction of cortisol hormone. When the cortisol hormone is overproduced it leads to fat gain specifically in the abdominal and belly area. Thus avoiding stress, having time to rest and relax ensures that the body functions properly and therefore reduce fat deposition in areas like the belly.

5. Do sit ups and crunches regularly

Sit ups and crunches build abs around your belly. This is by cutting the fat around the belly and tightening the muscles located on it.

6. Avoid carbohydrates in your daily meal

It’s very hard to cut down carbs in the diet. They include foods like rice, pasta, paratta, cake in which in most communities it’s their daily staple food. Now in most cases when carbs are in excess they are stored as fats in form of glycogen. Thus cutting off carbs in your diet makes your lose belly fat quickly.

7. Avoid drinking soft drinks

Soft drinks like sodas and processed juices containing a lot of sugar and sodium compounds. Now sugars are a form of carbohydrates thus they deposit in form of fats when in excess. On the other hand sodium increases cholesterol levels in a control diet. Thus avoiding sodas and juices decreases the chance of gaining a belly.

8. Have regular habits of drinking water

Water is very essential to human health. Thus it assists in removing fats especially on the belly in many ways. Firstly it boosts metabolism process by breaking up the food molecules like fats. Secondly it removes the sodium molecules in the blood in which increases cholesterol. Thirdly it increases urination in which causes you lose weight. And lastly it reduces the retained molecules of fat in the body during and after digestion process.

9. Have a custom of tracking your food calories

Tracking your food calories is very important. It helps you know how much calories you are gaining and how can you remove them. Thus the deficit method is helpful when incorporated with exercise since it provides you a mathematical guidance on how much weight and calories you need to release.

10. Have a custom of fasting.

Fasting prohibits the gaining of extra calories in the body. But not only that, during fasting period the body requires energy. And in order for this to happen the body must burn out food molecules so as to release energy. Now in the absence of food the body burn out the existing fat molecules hence causing people to lose weight druing fasting.

11. Eat fruits that cut off body fat

Fruits like kiwi , guava and apples tend to secret amino acids. Amino acids are good catalyst in the metabolism of food molecules. Thus the higher the metabolism the higher the absorption of fat molecules and in turn loss of belly fat.

12. Try drinking green tea

It’s common to see a green tea commercial pointing out the loss of belly fat factor. And this is actually true because green tea contains an antioxidant which usually accelerates the metabolism process. Other than that it also contains caffeine in which is essential in the acceleration of metabolism process thus making green tea  a great option in losing body fat quickly.

13. Turn to a vegan diet

Vegan diets involves eating vegetable foods. Thus we know for a fact that roughages are usually ejected out of the body and never stored hence reduce the possibility of body weight gain. At the same time eating a vegetable diet avoids the daily consumption of foods like fats and carbohydrates making it a factor in belly fat loss.

14. Add vinegar to your diet

Vinegar is a very good additive in vegetable dressing and meet margination. But other than that, vinegar contains acetic acid which is essential in the fat absorption. So if included on the diet regularly it may accelerate belly fat loss at a higher pace rate


Avoid listing to myths like drinking alcohols like whiskey in order to reduce belly fat because they do just the opposite. The only trick in reducing belly fat is calorie deficit.

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