Eat Clean And Lose Weight

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Eat Clean And Lose Weight


It is very important to understand that your food choices of each day affect your physical and mental health. Good nutrition is important for leading a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to include lot of fresh and unprocessed food in your diet.

Eating healthy has lot of benefits ranging from weight loss to improved memory. Healthy diet reduces the risk for cancer. It manages diabetes. Fresh and unprocessed food improves the health of your heart and prevent chances for stroke. It also increases the bone and teeth strength. Moreover, a clean diet elevates your mood.

Obesity is a common issue. The number of obese people is increasing day by day due to increased  consumption of junk and processed food items. Weight loss is a serious process, and if not done correctly  with necessary plans, it may cause many short and long term problems to your health. You should opt to lose  weight slowly with a healthy, clean diet and exercises, rather than losing it immediately by skipping meals and hard-core exercises. The immediate loss  of weight is not good for health.


  • Don’t skip a meal.
  • Eat smaller portions of food in small regular intervals.
  • Eat on time.
  • Eat fresh vegetables or fruits as mid-day snacks rather than picking up processed foods.
  • Drink lot of water.
  • Make sure you are getting right amount of nutrients.
  • Reduce the use of diary products.
  • Make your diet plan with the help of a good nutritionist.
  • Good eating habits like switching off the television while eating.


  • APPLES- Pectin in apple keeps hunger away. Eating an apple, therefore reduces food consumption.
  • GREEN TEA- Green tea increases metabolism. It keeps you hydrated. Also, maintains the body shape. Catechins in green tea improves overall body composition.
  • OAT MEAL- Eat oat meal as your breakfast. Fiber-rich oats leaves you full for a long time. It also increases the metabolism.
  • AVOCADOS- The monosaturated fatty acids present in avocados burn the belly fat.
  • BEANS- Beans is a low-calorie protein source. Beans will leave you hunger-free for a long time.
  • PEARS- Pears is a fiber rich fruit that fills your stomach and keep you hunger-free.
  • POTATOES- Potatoes has carbohydrates as the major content and decreases your hunger considerably.
  • BERRIES- Berries are rich in anti-oxidants that makes you look younger. It also reduces belly fat.
  • NUTS- Nuts have higher levels of serotonin that acts as an appetite represent.
  • YOGHURT- Yoghurt is an excellent protein-packed diary product that boost weight loss.
  • CHIA SEEDS- Chia seeds contain protein, fiber and omega-3. You can add this to your smoothies and puddings to enhance your weight loss.
  • SOUPS- Soups are low in calories and leaves you full for a long time.
  • PEPPER- Capsaicin, a compound that boosts metabolism is present in pepper.
  • DARK CHOCOLATE- You can have dark chocolate to keep away from other cravings.
  • QUINOA- Quinoa is a superfood for weight loss, that is rich in protein and fibres.
  • LENTILS- Lentils contain protein and a type of carbohydrate that burns more fat.
  • CINNAMON- Regulates blood-sugar level.
  • SALMON- Contains omega 3 fatty acids and protein. It helps in lowering of blood pressure.


Don’t go for a quick weight loss. The chances are high that you will regain weight soon by a quick weight loss technique. So, you are supposed to get into the diet plans slowly. Give your body time to adjust with the major change in eating habits that you are making.

Also, start doing exercises. You are not supposed to directly jump into weight lifting expecting quick results. Start from stretching and flexibility activities.

Replacing rice will give a major change in your weight. But don’t skip a meal. You can eat lot of vegetables and fruits instead of rice.

Try to walk more. You can go for a evening walk. Or leave the plan for taking car for grocery shopping, you can walk instead.

The outpour of junk food and processed food have a great impact on affecting lives of people by detoriating their health. Also, wide use of fertilizers and other chemicals in farming has changed the health status of people into danger. It’s important to avoid these kind of foods to remain healthy.

You can try making a small kitchen garden in your house for getting organic and pesticides free vegetables. You can use natural fertilizers such as kitchen waste and vegetable peels for a better growth of plants. Growing a garden also makes you involved in some physical activities, thus enhancing the weight loss. Kitchen garden is a great idea to eat clean and stay healthy.


You can consult a dietician and fix a good diet according to your needs. Don’t ever try to imitate the diet someone else is following. Our body composition is not similar, so the diet that made an impact to some other person might not show any changes in our body.

Also, you can go to a  fitness trainer who can help you to plan a daily exercise chart. You will achieve results by following their instructions. And don’t Sri it quickly after getting the needed results. You should be patient and continue the diet and exercise for a long time, if you want to get rid of the possible regain.

Weight loss training tests your mental strength. You will feel like stopping all the efforts. Certain food may increase your cravings. Don’t fall off. Weight loss is about constant quality efforts. It will give you a very good result if you are blindly following your dietician and fitness trainer, but accept that it is a slow process. Trust the process and move on.

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