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Exercise Daily To Live Healthy

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Exercise Daily To Live Healthy


A half an hour exercise do a lot to your body and soul. Exercises have short and long-term benefits. Apart from the weight loss, exercise helps in increasing your energy and skin glow. Daily exercising helps you to lead a happier life. Exercising improves brain health, and thereby, increases the memory power. It is also good for your muscles and bones. It reduces the chance for many chronic diseases. Exercise has a major role in improving the mental health. It increases self-confidence and self-esteem, reduces stress and improves the mood of the individual.


The exercises are classified into four different groups based on their varied purposes.


Aerobic exercise aims at increasing the breath and heart rate. These type of exercises are the main component of all fitness programmes. They reduce the chance for heart diseases and diabetes. Aerobic exercise also keeps circulatory system and lungs healthy.

Aerobic exercising includes a brisk walk, jogging, climbing the stairs, swimming, dancing, etc…


Strength exercises is mainly done for the health of bones and muscles. They keep your bones and muscles strong. It also reduces falls of the individual by giving strength to core of the body. These kinds of exercises increase your capacity to lift weights.

Strength exercising includes lifting weights, using resistance machines are the gym, etc…


Flexibility exercises help to maintain  a wide range of motion. It make your body more flexible, thereby increasing ease in doing activities.

Flexibility exercising includes stretching, yoga, etc…


Balance exercise is important for older adults to strengthen the body’s core. It recent falls of the older individuals. Improving balance is essential for doing everyday chores.

Balance exercising includes heel-to-for walking, standing on one foot, etc…



Burpees is a full body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise. Burpees are so hard, as it pushes you to an aerobic extreme, making the respiratory and circulatory systems to work hard to compensate the lack of oxygen in muscles. Thus, burpees make respiratory and circulatory systems strong.

Burpees burn your fat, as it is an intense full body exercise. The burpees work on your arms, back, chest, core and legs. Like running, burpees also burn calories. Burpees help you to lose weight and get fit. It also increases your performance in everyday activities.


Squats are a great exercise for strengthening of the whole body. The most important benefit of squats is improving your leg muscles. Squats also activates glutes and back muscles. There are different types of squats like jump squats, goblet squats, pistol squats, etc… Deep and low squats are the best squats.

Experts recommend doing a set of 10 to 20 squats a day. Squats increase the flexibility of hip, knee and ankle joints. Squats has a major role in increasing the strength and size of the lower body muscles.

Squats are often associated with injuries to the lumbar spine and knees. So, take care while you are for it.


Plank is a major exercise that strengthens the body core. It improves body posture. It is one of the best exercise to get a flat and toned stomach. Doing PLANKS everyday can burn lot of calories.

It increases the metabolism of the body. Plank improves the health of spine, and takes you out from the chances of a back pain.

Plank has a major role in toning your back, leg, shoulder and chest muscles. Plank improves the stability of your arm bones.


Push ups are  fast and effective exercise  for building a strong body. It has a major role in improving upper body strength. They also strengthen the lower back and core by engaging the abdominal muscles. Fifty to hundred push ups are enough to maintain body strength.


Lunges are good for strengthening and building of muscles. It is used in training of sports and yoga. It is a simple exercise that beginners can start with. Lunges work on the muscles of hip, glutes and legs making them strong, balanced and flexible.

Lunges are effective in strengthening of legs and buttocks. Lunges mainly targets  on the lower body. It increases the metabolism and leads to weight loss, burning the excess fats.


Yoga is an ancient practice to improve the body strength. It increases flexibility and builds muscle strength. Yoga has the potential to correct your body posture. It improves your bone health and increases the blood flow. Yoga protects your spine. It drains excess lymph in the body, and boosts immunity.

A healthy practice of yoga encourages relaxation, increases flexibility and tones up your muscles. Yoga also alleviate arthritis and back pain and improves the health of your heart.


Sit ups strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. It improves the core strength of the body. Sit ups also increases flexibility and help in losing tummy fat. It tones the ab area and improves the posture.


Crunches helps you to build and tone muscles. This is an ideal exercise for strengthening the core of your body. It strengthens lower back, muscles and obliques. This exercise is especially effective for abs. Crunches tone up your lower body muscles. Avoid doing crunches if you have a back pain.


Exercise has an essential role in making your lives happier. Daily exercise increase your self-esteem and makes your daily chores easy. You can go to a fitness trainer and, find the exercises according to your body type. Exercise improves physical and mental health.

Health is wealth. And, don’t compromise on your health. A half an hour of quality exercise will improve your daily lives. It is essential to invest in your health to get rid of frequent medication and treatments. Have a good healthy diet and exercise more, your skin and heart will glow brighter.

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