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Exercises for Overweight Knee Pain

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Exercises for Overweight Knee Pain


Excess fat in the body leads to one becoming overweight. Knee pain is one of the problems facing overweight people. Knee problems can affect anybody from any background. It causes Arthritis (inflammation of the joints) or a tear. One can lose joint pain by losing weight. The hips and knees bear most of the weight, especially in overweight people. Being overweight can pose a lot of threats to human health and also affect the joints. Most times certain foods can cause one to be overweight. In some cases, it is hereditary while in some it is natural.

Overweight people are prone to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stroke and certain cancers. Excess pounds cause stress on the knees. Most people with overweight knee pain don’t believe that exercise can help reduce pain. Some feel so tired to exercise. Dropping pounds always goes a long way in easing knee pain.

These few exercises below can help reduce stress on the joints.

Warm-ups:  This prepares you for a task or practice. It is very important before one starts an exercise. You can take a walk while swinging and stretching the legs and arms.

Weight training:  This is the use of resistance or the ability to lift heavy objects. It is an exercise that is good for people with bad knees. Some people think it is only for muscle building. Resistance training helps strengthen the muscle. Using one’s body weight for squats or push-ups whenever convenient help. One can also use resistance bands as it aids movement or a 3kg hand weight. Start well and increase the pace with time.

Weight training can prevent some problems like obesity, heart disease, and back pains. One is not exposed to injury during resistance training. It makes one feel strong. There should be breakouts to enable one rest and avoid a breakdown. For a start, training 2 or 3 times a week is of great benefit.

 Swimming:  Swimming helps burn fat in the body. Water jogging is the simplest swimming exercise. Freestyle and backstroke are ideal for knee pains. It helps increase strength, and it is ideal for overweight people. Water exercises have to be effective with well-balanced meals in the right quantity. Swimming boosts mood and relaxes the nerves. Change a particular swimming exercise each time you feel any discomfort. Be mindful not to exercise when you are ill.

Upward and downward movement:  Try sitting on an armless chair and placing your feet on the floor. Thereafter, you can either place your hands sideways or cross it.

Biking:  This is the act of riding a bicycle. It is good for the heart and lungs. It helps reduce fat levels. It also helps one stay free from diseases associated with overweight. Most people ride a bicycle for fun without knowing the impact. One has to be active to stay fit. Both ages and sexes find it enjoyable.

Squats:  Squat is a great exercise that is being enjoyed by both women and men. It tones the thighs and legs. It is always done by standing straight and lowering the body downwards as if you want to sit on a chair. At the start, one can feel pains around the hips and thighs. Doing it reduces pains and frees the legs. Deep squats must not be too deep especially for people with sore knees.

Skipping rope:  This is often used by people of different ages for exercise. It is sometimes difficult for old fat women. The rope swings under the feet and over one’s head. It helps in burning fat. It is important for one to be careful during this exercise considering the surface of the floor.

Jogging:  Jogging should is important so as prevent aching over time. Jogging helps strengthen the knees. Short distance jogging is better than long distances. During long distances, one can get weak and tired.

Leg raise:  In this form of exercise, back and the hands rest on the floor. Both hands must be sideways. One leg is in an elevated position while the other is to be lowered to the ground. Note that the leg that is being lowered to the ground must be straight.

Walking:  Walking should is ideal for daily living as it helps maintain good health. It is free as long as one is able to walk with little or no help. It helps shed excess fat by reducing pain in the joints. Long distances walk is not advisable except short ones to reduce stress on the joints.

Calf raises / stretch:  In calf raise, one stands facing the back of the chair. The heels are being raised high, then lower. In calf stretch, one stands at the back of the chair. The hand is being placed over the chair with a firm grip. One of the legs is being bent forward towards the chair. you can repeat it as many times as possible many times.


Maintaining a normal body weight is essential. Try and lose pounds so to take the stress off the knees. Losing weight can help patients with arthritis to prevent more damage to the joints. Time and persistence should be taken into consideration to get rid of body fat. Consistent stretching will help reduce knee pain over time. Each breakfast must be rich in protein and also stay away from fatty foods. There is no specific place to exercise. One can exercise at home or at work. Let us take good care of our health by exercising daily. As the saying goes, health is wealth. losing weight can take the stress off the joints and reduce symptoms of arthritis. Let’s exercise daily.

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