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Green Smoothie Post Workout

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Green Smoothie Post Workout

When you work out, your body starts running at ultra-high speed. The blood circulation and heartbeat increasing. This is to ensure all over your body, every cell and tissue, get clean fresh nutrition through your blood. Your blood doesn’t return empty-handed; It carries the waste materials too. The junk produces excrement by the cell-level digestion of fat and sugars. There will be carbon dioxide due to the aerobic activity of body tissues. Your veins take this blood to your liver and kidneys; your body’s detox powerhouses. This process increases depending on the intensity of your exercise. This is the reason you are required to drink water in adequate quantities to make the blood thinner.

External and Internal Detox

The health and nutrition experts advise on detoxing after your workout. One of the detox methods is physical detoxing, like taking a shower to remove the excess sweat; therefore, detoxing the skin. You can add in once in a while dry brushing to enhance the skin’s blood flow and help the toxins to release more out of the skin tissue.

The major post-workout detox can be done by detoxing the liver and kidneys. It is to add substances to your bloodstream fast after the exercise. Your body is exhausted through increase activity and the calorie-burning process. The items you digest post-workout are easily absorbed and right into the bloodstream. The studies have shown drinking detoxing smoothies that are lower in calories and beneficial in clearing out liver sediments and releasing kidney toxins. Green smoothies are one of these beverages.

A green smoothie is made from various nutritious that pump a lot of vitamins and other goodies in your blood. They also help to detox, boost metabolism, and help hydrate the body. There are many recipes of green smoothies that have been proven highly beneficial.

Reward your work out

Drinking a healthy energy booster after your workout can also act as a little treat. A lot of people lose their physical training routines because they make it hard. The diets are rigid and the workout regime feels like starving labor. Chances are many of those hunger signals are not for heavy food requirement; but they are usually alarming a lack of nutrition, vital vitamins, and amino acids. If you get yourself to do a freshly whipped smoothie after you have had an exercise, these needs are responded to easier.

A lot of food cravings also occur because the body needs a detox; This is due to food junk addiction or having inorganic food that is highly packed with fertilizer and pesticides. We eat these chemicals through food and it all settles in our liver. The liver is an organ that is also responsible for blood sugar imbalances that appear as food craving to us. That is why a detox is helpful in managing weight and diet.

Now, if we combine both nutriment requirements and detox into a post-workout green smoothie, it is splendid. There is an answer for everything for our physics to become more optimum in function and even more healthful.

Here is a list of five of these smoothies including ingredients and ways it can benefit you.

Go Green Green Apple and Spinach Smoothie


1 cup of filtered water

1 cup Spinach

1 banana

1 green apple

¼ avocado

1 tbsp. Collagen powder

2 tbsp. Protein powder

2 tbsp.  Chia Seeds

Goodies and benefits: Mix all the goodies in the mixer; you can soak the Shia seeds overnight before. This highly nutritional smoothie has why powder helps muscle mass building. It also has collagen powder that promotes the health of skin and joints. Studies have shown collagen to be beneficial to the overall health of the heart. Spinach and apple are nutrition dense. Together with banana, it is also a powerhouse that provides a lot of fiber, too.

Cucumber Greek Yogurt Green Smoothie


2 cup of filtered water

¼ cup Greek yogurt

1 banana

1 Cucumber

¼ avocado

1 tbsp. Peanut butter.

2 tbsp. Protein powder

2 tbsps.  Coconut powder.

Goodies and benefits: Coconut powder is a good fat source. Greek yogurt helps to reduce weight by keeping you full a long time and providing calcium, fat, and protein. Cucumber is a refreshing and highly detoxing agent. Banana is added for extra energy, too. This smoothie gives you a refreshment kick with coconut after taste.

Coconut Water and Avocado Booster Green Smoothie


1 cup of filtered water

2 cup Coconut water

2 Avocado

1 Banana

1 tbsp. spirulina powder

2 tbsps. Whey protein powder

2 tbsps.  Coconut powder.

Goodies and benefits: Coconut powder is one of the best energy and sports drinks on its own; It has all the vitamins and minerals you require after a workout session. The amount of good fats and calories is relatively higher than the other two drinks. It can help put on mass and avoid skin stretch marks; There are lots of good fat packed in here while being easy to digest. The whey powder supplies the protein and lastly, the spirulina. It gives the deep green smoothie color while acting as a micro-plant-based multivitamin. This smoothie is satisfying and helps increase body mass after a workout.


It is usual for anyone to feel drained and fatigued after working out. You can just whip up one of these 5 smoothies and help your body rejuvenate through supplying the lost nutrients. You can always come up with your own recipes as long as they are healthy leafy greens and other plat-based added together to make the magic happen. It is always good if you educate yourself about the type of nutrition that can help your muscle fatigue rejuvenations well as helping your overall wellness.

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