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How to Lose Weight and for Your Body in Shape

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How to Lose Weight and for Your Body in Shape

Let us admit it, getting that perfectly sculpted body is everybody’s dream. If you are 15-kgs overweight, shaped like a sack of potatoes and still happy, you’ve already achieved Nirvana and there is no arguing with that. But for us lesser mortals, that perfect body is still one of the most desired goals.

It’s not easily done. You have to devise the right plan, stick to it and get to your goals. And when you get there, you realize that was the easy part. Keeping your body in shape is so much more difficult than getting there the first time.

Get to Know your Body

Each one of us has a different body type. We could have different metabolic rates, different digestion capabilities, different tolerance to food types and many more variations. It is good to know what body type you are before you devise a plan to lose weight and get into shape.

You could take professional consultation to determine if you are an ectomorph, mesomorph,   and endomorph. These are body types determined by your genes. You also have different body shapes and the categories are many – apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass shape are some of the categories.

There are recommended foods and exercises for each type of body shape and this helps you get to your weight loss goals quicker.

So get to know your body is the first step.

Key Steps in your Plan

It is good to break down your plan into key actions to be taken. Write it down and create short term goals for yourself. It could be as generic as “I am going to find out what are the best options for me and create a plan for myself”. Don’t put it off for tomorrow. Making a start today is important.

Step 1: Your Diet

Figure out your body type. Find out what is the right height to weight ratio for you. Make a list of foods you are allergic too and keep it out of your diet plan. Consider the choices you have based on your body type and choose a diet plan you can start with. It is good to keep in mind your work schedule, your regular eating options, your routine travel needs, and other factors when you draw up this plan.

Commit to a plan which you can give time to and is a convenient fit in your daily routine. 25

You could choose the Ketogenic diet which is popular across the world. Take these 5 steps to create a Diet Plan:

  • Create a list of foods you are going to stay away from.
  • Make a list of menu options for 3-meals a day in line with your Diet Plan.
  • Make a list of your snacking options.
  • Create a schedule for batch-cooking these diet-friendly meals and freezing them for use throughout the week.
  • Monitor your weight regularly every week.
  • Set weekly goals for weight loss.

There will be good and bad days. But make it a point to record your weight. Better to have data rather than let things drift out of control.

Step 2: Exercise Daily

You don’t have to hit the gym every day. But you need to exercise every single day. You could take up brisk walking, jogging, swimming, dancing or maybe cycling. The calories have to be burned. It is a 2-pronged attack. The diet will make sure you eat right and bring only the necessary calories into your system. The exercise will make sure you get the best from your food intake and the excess calories are burned.

Draw-up a work-workout schedule for an hour daily.

Step 3: Look for a Partner in Crime

Sticking to your plan and motivating yourself all the time is not easy. It is better to enlist a partner or friend looking for a similar remedy. They come in handy on those low-days when you just want to quit. Having a partner makes it difficult for you to cheat on your plan or quit. Because you don’t want to let down your friend who is working with you to get to the same goals. 41

Step 4: Gym Vs Sport

Working out in isolation does not work for some. A work-out partner helps. Sometimes that too is not enough. You can look for competitive sport. There are many amateur neighborhood tennis or badminton leagues you can sign up for. It could be any sport – soccer, basketball – whatever you like.

You have to start enjoying your exercise. Once that happens, you look forward to your exercise plan and don’t cheat. Participating in amateur sporting competitions gives you a high and keeps you motivated. 50

Step 5: Take Supplements best suited to your Body Shape

The body shape is determined by your metabolism. If you are bigger on the top, your metabolism is moving fat more towards your belly and upper body. If your metabolism is moving fat towards your butt and thighs, you are more likely to have a bell-shape which is a thinner upper body and heavier lower body.

Some basic supplements recommended based on body shapes are below:

  • Bell Shaped Body – Foods rich in Vitamin C and supplements.
  • Apple Body Shape – Olives are recommended as antioxidants present in olives help fat migrate to the shoulders and upper body.
  • Android Body Shape – Green teas are recommended as a supplement that helps distribute adipose fat tissues evenly.

Take the time to know your body shape and build your diet and exercise plan for yourself. You will get to your goals faster.

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