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How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

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How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Maintaining good health is everyone’s moral obligation. It’s the basic way of ensuring your existence since bad health creates body vulnerability and a vulnerable body is a home for diseases. The human body is built in such a way that everything related to it from the organs to the body process is in a balanced system. Thus a little bit of too much or less of something brings up bad conditions like inflammation of organs, body pain, heart attacks, and hypertension. Now today we are going to focus a little bit on hypertension.


Hypertension is a body condition in which the body’s blood pressure against the artery walls is higher than normal. The normal human blood pressure is usually 120mmHg or less in systolic and 80mmHg or less in diastolic thus if these numbers are anywhere high than that, then it’s very likely for you to get hypertension.


In most cases, hypertension is generally a hereditary problem passed from generation to generation through genes but it can be self-induced. Meaning if one has a reckless lifestyle when it comes to health, he or she is very likely to get hypertension. Thus the following are self-induced causes of hypertension

1. Excessive salt in diets

When salt exceeds the normal level in daily meal routines it causes high blood pressure since it raises the sodium level in the blood. This causes the kidney to lose its ability to eject water from the body and thus disrupting the normal blood pressure level.

2. Over drinking alcohol

It’s very common to hear alcoholics suffering from hypertension. This is because alcohol interferes with body homeostasis by working out the liver so much thus, in turn, causing high blood pressure. And it gets dangerous when it comes to older man due to decrease of the liver functionality

3. Obesity

Obesity causes hypertension since the extra fat and cholesterol that settles around the vessels cause blockage of blood movement. Thus the blood needs to increase its pressure to get transported into the right target organs.

4. Diseases

Some diseases affect the normal functionality of organs and thus altering the body balance. Diseases like glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, diabetes, etc. cause high blood pressure

Other causes include smoking, drug abuse, lack of physical exercise or physical activity, etc.


To keep yourself safe from this condition, there are some natural methods that you need to adhere to. The natural methods include:

1. Regular physical exercises

Physical exercise keeps your body in shape and your health intact by burning up excess fats stored in the body. This, in turn, keeps the arteries clear from cholesterol blockage and therefore creating a good environment for blood to flow.

2. Avoid excessive drinking of alcohol

Alcohol contains a lot of calories hence it is stored as fat. And also alcohol works out the liver and this can be a problem for older people aging from 40 and above. Thus reducing alcohol intake keeps your liver intact and body fat level at lower rates and hence lowering the blood pressure.

3. Avoid smoking

Smoking doesn’t only increase the blood pressure level but also increases the chances to get fatal diseases such as bronchitis and lung cancer. Thus cutting it back from your lifestyle puts you in a safe spot healthy wise and reduces the risk of getting hypertension.

4. Avoid stress and tension

Tension and stress are some of the biggest causes of hypertension regardless of the age factor.  Older aged people tend to suffer from this the most and severely. To avoid this make sure you take your time to rest and relax so as you may put your mind and body in a healthy condition.

5. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea

Coffee and tea contain caffeine in which raises the blood pressure. It is said that caffeine raises blood pressure by 10mmHg. And most coffee takers take more than one cup of coffee per day regularly due to its caffeine addiction. So to control and lower the blood pressure reduces caffeine consumption.

6. Reduce the intake of salt and other sodium related products

As I said earlier sodium increases the blood pressure through reducing the kidney’s ability to eject water out of the body. Thus keep your meals at a very low salt level and avoid adding extra salt to already cooked meals.

7. Have a proper diet

Maintain a proper diet with a balance of each food element at a constant level. Avoid consuming too many fatty foods and carbohydrates because both have a tendency of being stored in the walls of the arteries as cholesterol and therefore force the blood to increase pressure during transportation.

8. Have a habit of consuming foods rich in potassium

Potassium-rich foods are very good at lowering blood pressure since they eject sodium in a controlled process in the body. Thus foods such as mushrooms, broccoli, bananas, oranges, etc. are essential in regulating the blood pressure naturally.

9. Have a habit of relaxation and taking breaks

Relaxation methods such as meditation, resting or listening to chilled music create a well-being environment for the body. Excessive working can eventually lead to inefficiency of the body or even stress which increases the blood pressure so it’s advised to have good resting habits regularly

10. Have regular habits of water consumption

Water creates a good balance in the body’s homeostasis by reducing sodium levels in the blood. Thus it’s one of the best ways to reduce blood pressure naturally.


Always have a custom of checking your blood pressure. It’s a good practice since it helps you control it naturally and therefore keeping your body free from diseases.

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